A Better Way to Finance


Christian Investor Financial (CIF) Loans provides funds for churches that want to expand and serve others. As a result, churches are empowered to grow, engage with their communities and advance God’s Kingdom. CIF also offers Campaigns & Consulting services, which pair well with CIF Loans to meet the financial and spiritual needs of churches.

How It Works

Funds are available through CIF by:

  • Mission-minded investors, who purchase interest-bearing CIF certificates.
  • Churches and ministries, who pay CIF mortgages. By borrowing from CIF, you would help other ministries as well as your own. 

We lend to Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA) churches—a denomination of some 1,400 congregations—and also to the Association of Free Lutherans (AFLC), Conservative Congregational Christian Conference (CCCC) and Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), as well as other affiliated ministries in the U.S. 

We offer two types of loans: Construction Line of Credit and Real Estate Term Loans.

Comparison Between CIF and Commercial Lender

CIF's Approach Typical Commercial Lending Approach
Consultative  Transactional
Ministry-Focused Business-Focused
Ongoing conversations resulting in lasting relationships Sales-based exchanges encouraging more debt
High level of church lending expertise Low amount of church lending background
Easy accessibility to experienced church lender Not directly connected with experienced lender
Customized and personal One-size-fits-all
Lends in both large and small communities Uncomfortable lending in small communities
Focused solely on church lending Tends to move in and out of church lending