Online Services


User Guide

Existing clients who are enrolled in Online Services have real-time access to their eligible account(s) balances and certain transaction activity; the ability to make certain profile and account changes; and the ability to make eligible transfers between your accounts at CIF or between eligible CIF account(s) and your external financial institution accounts.

Existing clients can also receive periodic statements and other documents related to their account(s) via Online Services based on their elected preferences (eDelivery).

Online Services is unique to each Personal account owner, and for Non-Personal Legal Entity account owners and their Authorized Representatives. As such, certain restrictions apply as outlined in the Online and Mobile Services Agreement.

If you need additional details or help enrolling in Online Services, please contact our customer service team ([email protected] or 800-995-8574).

Coming feature!

Soon we will introduce a new service which will provide the ability to purchase Investment Certificates—in accordance with our current Offering Circular—via an online Subscription Agreement. We will provide additional information as the launch date approaches.