We are pleased to introduce and welcome you to our enhanced Online Services capabilities and new services which are provided as a convenience to our valued customers. Effective Monday, August 16, 2021, we successfully implemented our strategic initiative to modernize and replace our existing Online Services platforms, as well as the enablement of new capabilities and services for our customers.

Our customer service team is here to serve you. We can be reached Monday through Friday between 8:00 am and 4:00 p.m. CST at 800.995.8574 or by emailing service@christianinvestors.org.

Online Services
Enhanced as of 8/16/2021


User Guide

Existing clients who choose to accept and enroll in Online Services are provided with the convenience of real-time access to view their eligible account(s) balances and certain transaction activity, the ability to make certain profile and account changes, and the ability to make eligible transfers between your accounts at CIF or between your eligible CIF account(s) and your external financial institution accounts.

Existing clients can now also enroll as an additional convenience and new service to receive their periodic statements and other documents for their account(s) via Online Services based on their elected preferences (eDelivery).

Online Services is unique and specific to each Personal account owner, and for Non-Personal Legal Entity account owners and their Authorized Representatives. Certain restrictions apply as outlined within the Online and Mobile Services Agreement.

Please contact us as outlined above for additional details, and our customer service team’s assistance in registering and enrolling for Online Services.

Legacy eDelivery
Prior to 8/16/21

Legacy EDelivery Login

This was a previous separate legacy platform for CIF customers which had chosen to enroll in this limited service for their account(s).

To elect ongoing eDelivery on and after August 16, 2021, you will want to enroll and update your preferences within Online Services. Once enrolled and selected, you will conveniently be able to access and view your electronic documents within Online Services.

This separate legacy platform will be discontinued, but for their convenience it will be maintained until later in 2021 to allow our legacy platform users to access their historical documents (prior to 8/16/2021).

We will notify our prior legacy users regarding the effective date that this platform will be discontinued (currently planned for the fourth quarter of 2021).

New Accounts
Coming Soon

Later in 2021 we will introduce an enhanced and new service as a convenience for both our existing and prospective customers of Christian Investors Financial.

Specifically, this new service will provide the ability to purchase Investment Certificates in accordance with our current Offering Circular via an online Subscription Agreement.

We will provide additional information and details on this enhancement and new service as the introduction and launch date approaches (we are currently planning for the introduction and launch in the fourth quarter of 2021).