Our customer service team is here to serve you. We can be reached Monday through Friday between 8 am and 4:30 pm CST at 800.995.8574 or service@christianinvestors.org.

In addition, we offer two separate types of self-service platforms – Online Services and eDelivery – to make your account easily accessible. If you are an investor or loan client, you can enroll in one or both of these services at no cost to you.

Online Services

This feature provides real-time access to your Investment Certificate or loan. You can view balances, view or download transaction history, and send us secure messages. If you are an investor with a Demand Certificate, you can also transfer money between your Demand Certificate and your checking or savings account at your financial institution (Certain restrictions apply, contact us for additional details).

Online Services is specific to each individual. In other words, only Investment Certificates on which you are an owner or an authorized signer will display when you log in. As an example, let’s say John and Mary have a jointly owned certificate, and they each have individual certificates. When John logs in, he will see their jointly owned certificate and his individual certificate, but not Mary’s individual certificate. When Mary logs in, she will also see their jointly owned certificate and her individual certificate, but not John’s individual certificate. Each certificate must be activated by CIF for Online Services, so if you don’t see all of your Investment Certificates when you log in, let us know and we can assist you.  

Forgot your username or password? Call 800.995.8574 for assistance.



This service is used for electronic delivery of documents instead of delivery via regular mail. Documents delivered electronically may include:

  • Investment Certificate Statements
  • Investment Certificate Maturity Notices
  • Investment Certificate Notices of Direct Deposit of Interest
  • 1099-INT Statements
  • Investor Communications, such as our annual Offering Circular and notices of changes in the interest rates offered on Investment Certificates.
  • Loan Invoices

There are a couple of options for how your eDelivery account is controlled:

  1. Consolidated Delivery - You can have all documents for your household appear under a single eDelivery account. If you are currently receiving your entire household’s Investment Certificate statements in one envelope, your eDelivery account will function this way. If not, you will need to let us know if you would like this option. Using our John and Mary example above, they would only need one eDelivery account to receive all of their documents if they have selected consolidated delivery.
  2. Non-consolidated Delivery – Unless you have selected consolidated delivery, accounts will be aggregated by ownership type, with each type having its own eDelivery account. Again, using the John and Mary example above, they would have a total of 3 eDelivery accounts (with separate log-ins) because they have three forms of ownership (his, hers & theirs). For this reason, many of our clients prefer to have consolidated delivery.

Forgot your username? Call 800.995.8574 for assistance.