Real Estate Term Loans

“CIF gave us the ability to fund the ministries that God has called us to do, in the way that God is leading us.” 
Paul Reece, Pastor of Finance/Administration and Pastoral Care at Faith Fellowship Church (Melbourne, FL)

Financing Church Real Estate

Christian Investors Financial's (CIF) Real Estate Terms Loans meet the long-term financing needs with a 25-year term for EFCA churches and a 10-year term for like-minded churches. The church does not need to worry about finding new financing for a long period of time.  We also have competitive pricing with no prepayment penalties (see Loan Rates and Fees). Our goal is to provide a competitive, long-term source of financing to assist a church’s ministry needs.  

We provide traditional Real Estate Term Loans to finance the following:

  • Land purchases
  • Purchases of an existing church or a building that will be converted into a church
  • Refinancing
  • Remodeling

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