• "Are We Ready For a Capital Campaign?"

    7 things that lay the foundation for a church capital campaign.  Read More

  • Questions to Ask When Considering Church Loans

    This three-part series focuses on church finance and facility questions when considering church loans.  Read More

  • Reclaiming Lost Worship Space

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Providing investors with investment options and churches with loans and services to grow God's kingdom.


Catalytic Strategies

CIF's behind-the-scenes planning ensures that churches and ministries maximize their potential through best practice solutions.

Church and Ministry Expertise

CIF's 55+ years of experience and expertise in churches and ministries make us a great choice for faith-based organizations. 

Servant-Hearted Service

Our relationship-based service puts you, the customer, as our top priority. 


I’m Supposed to be a Servant of All?!


Recently, my devotions had me reading I Corinthians 9, where Paul says he has made himself a servant to all, becoming all things to all people so that by all means he might save some.

3 Reasons to Invest


Investing can be an intimidating word to some. Others may think it’s too time-consuming or out of reach. But investing doesn’t have to be complicated and can be achieved even on a modest income.

Are You a Sower?


Pastors, church leaders, teachers, campaign leadership team members – You are sowers!