Church Loans

For generations, CIF has provided loans to help churches achieve their God-given goals, mission for Christ and Kingdom expansion

CIF lends exclusively to Evangelical Free Church of America and like-minded churches and related ministries for property-related projects and purchases. We offer faith-based support, significant expertise, and a mission-minded mentality. We are real partners for God’s Kingdom work ‑ where ministry comes first.

Your Kingdom goals are our Kingdom goals

The need to purchase, build on or improve a property can weigh heavily on a church and those tasked with these often once-in-a-generation decisions. Congregations are committed to ministry now and in the future. We at CIF understand this well. Stewardship is a central component, but expanding God’s Kingdom is the goal.

Our investors care about ministry

Impactful investments with CIF are ministry-focused and aligned with our mission of Kingdom expansion. Sales of Investment Certificates provide funds for our church lending program while earning interest.

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Construction Loans

Help churches and ministries to build new facilities or remodel existing structures, such as a new sanctuary, classrooms, or a parking lot.

How does it work? 

  • Loan draws made available as the project progresses
  • Church or ministry pays only interest during construction
  • Upon project completion, Construction Loan converts to Real Estate Term Loan
  • Various rate and term options available
  • Can save thousands in fees and interest expense

Real Estate Term Loans

Long-term financing solutions for church properties, including existing structures and raw land.

Financial advantages

  • Competitive rates and flexible terms, loan structures to meet church needs
  • Spreads payments over time
  • Maturity up to 30 years
  • Right-sized from under $100,000 to more than $10 million
  • Low, flat fees that make this option affordable

Refinance Loans

Unlike many commercial lenders, CIF’s commitment to the churches we serve does not change. This includes working with churches confronted with long-term financing uncertainty. CIF is mission-minded, and passionate about churches having peace of mind to be able to focus on their ministry goals. That’s a big difference!

Make better loan arrangements

  • Escape the 5-year mortgage balloon cycle
  • Favorable rates and terms
  • Real partnership for church’s best interest
  • More funds for Kingdom expansion

Operating Line of Credit Loans

Existing customers with church or related ministry loans may be eligible for a line of credit to assist with their unique needs. Contact us for more information.

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