About CIF

Welcome to Christian Investors Financial

For over 55 years, Christian Investors Financial (CIF) has provided investors with impactful opportunities and aided churches with the funds and services to expand. For investors (individuals and organizations), we provide investments that empower church and ministry growth. For EFCA churches and like-minded ministries, we offer loans, campaigns and church leadership consultation nationwide. CIF has expertise to help churches maximize their potential so that lives are changed now and for eternity.

"Why the local church?" Our heart is to advance the kingdom of God by making disciples and changing lives. As Charles Spurgeon once said, “As Christ is the hope of the Church, so the Church is the hope of the world!” We want to reduce the obstacles faced by local churches and maximize their opportunities so they can better serve, care for and reach people. 

“How can we help you?” We want to be a resource for churches by helping in any way we can. We don’t just provide products and services; we provide much more: biblically-based teaching, clarity, advice and understanding. To us, it’s about resourcing hope to churches and ministries to make a tangible difference in God’s Kingdom. 

“We’re the behind-the-scenes crew.” At CIF, we’re not a frontline ministry; we’re here to help churches and ministries solve problems to make them more effective in ministering to others. We could not do this without our mission-minded investors, who provide funding for church and ministry loans. 

Our Vision

Catalyst for Christ's kingdom.

Our Mission

We are a catalyst for the kingdom of God. We help EFCA and like-minded churches maximize their potential by providing Loans, Investments and Campaigns & Consulting.

Our Values

  1. We have a heart for God and people.
  2. We are operationally and financially strong.
  3. We are disciplined and focused.
  4. We are experts in what we do.

Let’s accomplish great things together. Partner With Us Today.