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Insights and resources to help churches and individuals grow so they can serve others through investments, and loans.

Data, details and Kingdom advancement

“Errors using inadequate data are much less than those using no data at all.” Charles babbage (1791-1871) This statement from Charles Babbage (1791-1871) makes the case for research, for doing one’s homework. An English mathematician and inventor, Babbage is referred to by some as the “Father of the computer.” Those who know me might say… Continue Reading

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Warm weather, ministries advancing, dollars put to work

On summer days, I am instantly drawn to the sunlight and heat. Add some rain and a bit of care and our plants will grow and thrive. These cycles and patterns are necessary, helpful … even fascinating. The financial world of churches also has cycles and patterns, which we study with a curious intensity. Many… Continue Reading

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Staying connected, knowing, understanding

Some have said that much of what happens in life boils down to relationships and they are a two-way street. Both might sound like cliches, but I believe they are based on core truths and realities that directly impact how effective we can be in our endeavors. The relationship doors swing heavily on communications, which… Continue Reading

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Working with pastoral groups, stewardship

A CIF discussion CIF President and CEO Scott Achterling, above left, sat down with Senior Relationship Manager Russ Zimmerman, right, to discuss pastor group meetings and partnerships. We hope you enjoy the exchange and can increase your understanding of CIF’s role in Kingdom expansion. Scott: A belated Happy New Year, and thanks for joining me… Continue Reading

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Grateful for partnerships, joyful time

Christmas greetings from CIF. Our offices are flush with the season’s decorations, with three Christmas trees, and stockings lining the hall ready for gifts. It’s a joyful time of year to relish in the reason for the season – Jesus! We have focused on thankfulness this quarter, with gratitude and appreciation for all the Lord’s… Continue Reading

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Reflection, gratitude, mission

As followers of Jesus, many of us find time for reflection, to thank the Lord for His many blessings. The Thanksgiving season offers a set time each year for me to do this more frequently, more steadily, being intentional about sharing my gratitude for others and building them up in the process. I am thankful… Continue Reading

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