The CIF Difference

CIF is a religious nonprofit and a financial steward of resources

This means our mission statement can truly be our guidepost, not just a slogan designed to impress. We serve churches, related ministries and investors, not shareholders.

We are led by an elected Board of Directors, and Executive Officers, talented Christians with a range of expertise

  • Church and denominational leadership and governance
  • Financial services industry and leadership 
  • Public accounting, insurance and consulting 
  • Corporate for-profit sector leadership 
  • Nonprofit sector governance and leadership

We are relational, not retail

CIF recognizes that financial services are not only transactional, they are a partnership where customers and CIF are working for shared Kingdom expansion goals.

Unmatched church expertise

CIF only lends to churches and related ministries for property related projects and purchases. Our dedicated professionals know each situation is unique. We bring decades of church loan, technical and consulting experience, and wisdom to the table – and churches benefit.

Our support is ongoing

Far from a one-and-done system that puts the primary burden on the borrower, CIF continues to work closely with churches as needed to find the best options to meet their unique requirements. 

Your church’s best interest is our focus

Ensuring that your church’s project or purchase is successful means we do our homework to make sure a church loan will not harm your ministry. We help answer important questions, such as: “Is my church ready to take these steps?” and, “What do we need to do to prepare?”

Mission-minded stewards, ministry-mindset, more value

CIF shares Kingdom values and a biblical approach, which provides common understanding, values relationships and adds more value to each ministry. 

Flexible lending solutions that align with your ministry

Our interest rates are competitive, our terms are unmatched, and our minimal fee structure is where churches truly win – as the full loan package saves money for ministry. We are flexible, working alongside your church to mesh ministry objectives with projects for positive outcomes.

Excellent, customized options

CIF goes far beyond the “we’ll make it work” arrangements of our competitors. We’ve seen churches through all the seasons of life and ministry . . . we want ministries to continue and thrive.