5 Ways to Reach Your Community for Christ

Posted by: Scott Noble
One of the most effective models for a church is one that is thoroughly immersed in its community. The church's ministries and concerns may be spread around the world, but its commitment to its neighborhood is what sets it apart. It's a place where those who are hurting can find healing; a place where support and care are lovingly demonstrated; and a place where the message of hope and forgiveness is communicated and lived out. The challenge, however, is getting those folks in your neighborhood in the church door so they can experience life-changing transformation.
Post Date: 7/24/2019 News, Stories

Who Will Fund Your Church’s Campaign? 4 Critical Questions to Ask Before You Start

Posted by: Scott Noble
Through more than 400 church stewardship initiatives in the last 20 years, CIF’s Campaigns & Consulting ministry has learned that there are four main questions about your donor base you need to ask—and answer—before you begin. By doing so, you can help ensure your initiative gets off on the right track and is poised for success!
Post Date: 6/11/2019 Campaigns and Consulting, News, Stewardship and Generosity

7 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Church

Posted by: Scott Noble
Over the next few weeks, as you gather as a community to celebrate the birth of Jesus, consider how your church can make its Christ-centered message and mission even more powerful. Here are seven resolutions to consider for your church on 2019.
Post Date: 11/30/2018 Campaigns and Consulting, Loans, News, Stewardship and Generosity

10 Tips to Being More Generous with Your Life (Part 3 in our Generosity blog series)

Posted by: Scott Noble
It’s a blessing that God allows us to participate with Him in His plans for our world. It might be in small ways or through impactful events. Nevertheless, we’re His partners in the work He is doing. We should celebrate, commemorate, and honor that.
Post Date: 11/01/2018 Campaigns and Consulting, News, Stewardship and Generosity, Stories

Does Your Church Model Generosity? (Part 2 in our Generosity blog series)

Posted by: Scott Noble
If the church truly is the most powerful force in the world, then its ability to impact lives through generosity could literally change the world. Here are six ways your church can practice generosity.
Post Date: 9/17/2018 Campaigns and Consulting, News, Stewardship and Generosity

Using Trusted Investments to Grow the Kingdom

Posted by: Scott Noble
When you invest with CIF, part of your return helps fund loans to churches who are looking to remodel their sanctuary, add classroom space, or build an entire new structure.
Post Date: 8/20/2018 Investments

3 Ways You’ve Never Heard Generosity Explained Before (Part 1 in our Generosity blog series)

Posted by: Scott Noble
At its core, generosity proceeds from our hearts (what we value) and our minds (how we see generosity’s importance in our lives). It’s not strictly a financial exercise. When we look deeper into how we practice and experience generosity, here are a few ways we’ve never—or at least rarely—heard it explained before.
Post Date: 7/30/2018 Campaigns and Consulting, News, Stewardship and Generosity

3 Reasons to Follow Through on an IRA in 2018

Posted by: Scott Noble
So, if you’re ready to prepare for your financial future—or just make a couple small changes to your already solid plan—we hope to encourage you with these three reasons to make 2018 the year you follow through on an IRA.
Post Date: 7/10/2018 Investments

5 Ways Churches Can Use Gym Space for Outreach

Posted by: Scott Noble
Almost 30% of people in this informal poll responded that a new gym or recreation center was their top priority. Which got us thinking: What are some of the ways gym spaces can be used for outreach?
Post Date: 7/05/2018 Campaigns and Consulting, Loans

Financial Services on a Mission

Posted by: Scott Noble
“A mission. Something intentional with a specific destination in mind. That’s what CIF offers. We’re a financial services firm with a God-given mission: to connect people with transformational opportunities to grow God’s Kingdom; connect churches with the financial resources to help them live in their mission; and connect you with the know-how to move your church to where God wants it to be!”
Post Date: 4/17/2018 News