From the President

Warm weather, ministries advancing, dollars put to work

On summer days, I am instantly drawn to the sunlight and heat. Add some rain and a bit of care and our plants will grow and thrive. These cycles and patterns are necessary, helpful … even fascinating.

The financial world of churches also has cycles and patterns, which we study with a curious intensity. Many of us have heard that it takes money to do ministry. This is as true for us as it is for any church or other nonprofit. We are all stewards.

Funds are a tool. They find their way into church budgets, set aside dollars, worksheets, estimates, projections and much more. Many different pieces must come together to make a church building project or purchase successful. Money is a conversation-starter and is often part of the conclusion.

We talk to many churches to determine the projects or facilities they can afford. The differences in dollars between dreams, pressing needs, borrowing rates and affordability can be substantial.

We are problem solvers. When there are building needs, we dive into the details, asking questions and determining facts to help with planning and goal setting.

We find solutions that are faith-based. It’s wise to start talking to CIF early and involving us in your process long before signing the papers and breaking ground.

Financial experts and partners

We are here to be an extension of church financial staff, and to assist volunteers who are filling that role. Our heart is to help each church’s ministry team.

Churches are not unlike other organizations in this simple reality – mission comes first. Without a healthy ministry, buildings really can’t do much to advance God’s Kingdom.

Facilities fill a tangible need. They are a tool for God’s people to use for ministry. I can say humbly that we understand this much better than other financial institutions which do not have a ministry focus.

We draw on our experience, but there is another facet of CIF that is just as important to fulfilling its mission and ministry purpose.

New graphic shows ‘how it works’

A new and engaging graphic shows Our Mission in Action at CIF. It’s exciting because in mere moments, people can view a simple illustration of our mission played out.

I am pleased to report that a growing number of churches are joining us in this mission. They have realized that our mission is to support their mission and similar church missions across the U.S.

So, let’s do this. Expanding God’s Kingdom together is our MO, our modus operandi, or more simply, our mode of operating or working. We are Financial Services on a Mission … in action and supporting what matters for eternity!

Scott Achterling
President and CEO

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