Pastor sees CIF’s heart for ministry

Pastor Alberto Malisani with Grace Church in Desert Hot Springs, Calif. is a Bible teacher and worship leader. He knows that money is part of ministry, a tool God uses to accomplish His work through the local church. But ministry is his expertise, not finance.

“I am not very often with loans and documentation, numbers and so on,” said Pastor Alberto. CIF came alongside the pastor and his church to help with a loans and details for a construction project.

“It was the human relationship, a long process, but in every stage. . . when we finally finished with the person on the other side, they (CIF) were very kind to help us to understand,” pastor said.

“CIF is part of the family and we feel that it is something safe,” he said. “You are sure that on the other side of the table, there is not somebody trying to take advantage of you now that you have so many other concerns.”

CIF took the time to explain many things along the way. “You know that on their side are Christian people who are trying to help.”

CIF President and CEO Scott Achterling said that when CIF meets with pastors, elders and other ministry leaders, they sit on their side of the table and are thought of as an extension of their team, sharing the same Kingdom focus, the same heart for ministry, to see it expand.

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