From the President

Routines resume with churches our focus

The close of summer brings many of us back to our regular routines, school schedules, church activities, and we can’t forget football.

For many, it is a time of rolling up our sleeves and getting things done. At CIF, loan dollars are flowing out to fund construction projects as we coordinate and advise churches for positive outcomes. Some projects, large, small and in-between, are wrapping up – ready to be unveiled to congregations around the U.S.  

We are more than grateful to the investors who help these churches to grow. The proceeds from the sale of Investment Certificates are used primarily to make loans to churches and related organizations and pay interest on the investments. 

Our relationships with the churches we serve are ongoing. We want them to thrive, and we also know that God’s Kingdom work brings rewards for eternity.  

Before summer returns in 2024, CIF will mark 65 years of ministry. 

A year after our founding, in 1960, we approved our first church loan, for $25,000 to the Evangelical Free Church of Salt Lake City, Utah.  

Since that time, the Lord has blessed us nearly 22-thousandfold, to make almost $547 million in church and ministry loans. CIF’s careful growth continues as our family of churches expands through our Like-Minded church lending program. 

Our competitors simply can’t touch our level of expertise, focused-care and ministry mindset. The flexibility and value provided through our financing solutions and related costs are unmatched.

If a renovation or expansion is needed at your church, and you aren’t sure where to start, or if the questions your board or committee is asking feel overwhelming, we can help.  Contact us today to experience how our financial services are on a mission! 

Expanding the Kingdom together, 

Scott Achterling
President and CEO

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