From the President

Runs batted-in and Kingdom expansion: a full-on team effort

When people are willing to be there for each other, great things can happen. It is our team’s goal to reflect that at CIF, both internally and with the churches, related ministries and  individuals we serve.

I am passionate and engaged in building others up, supporting and leading teams to more wins. At CIF, we hold collaboration, or teamwork, as a core value. Please allow me to draw on some baseball parallels.

My 9-year-old son plays the game, and I am fortunate to serve as one of the coaches of his team. It is thrilling to see each of these boys as they harness their skills, gain confidence and go out and perform to their potential on the field. And, contrary to what some might believe, their talent is not the most important thing.

No one person can win the ball game, or even two or three – it takes the entire team working together, supporting one another, acting as a collaborative, cohesive and committed unit. Character attributes come into play, such as humility and commitment.

There are parallels to the financial services work we do at CIF. A baseball team needs runs batted in to win. We want victories for churches that are expanding God’s Kingdom. A ball team needs to drive in runs, strike people out, catch fly balls and throw players out at the bases. We strive to successfully fund and complete church property purchases and projects.

A baseball coach creates strategies around the players on the field. Who does well in which positions? CIF must focus on the financial details, excellent communication, careful planning and working together all the while learning and continuing to recommend what is best for the churches and ministries we serve.

On the field, we love to hear the umpire shout, “Play ball!” At CIF, if we shouted, we might exclaim, “Loan approved!” What a joy it is to see our mission in motion.

When we at CIF are fielding our strategies, like all coaches, we know that the behind-the-scenes work is a big part of what makes us successful as a team.

We will keep “touching base,” and, as always, we appreciate partnering to expand God’s Kingdom.

Scott Achterling
President and CEO

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