From the President

Thankful for relationships, ministry, playing our part

The fall season for some of us sets the stage for the holidays. Many churches are busy with kids’ programs, sermon series, evaluating what has happened and making plans for what is ahead.

We find things to be thankful for, our loved ones and the valued relationships we hold dear. There is appreciation for time spent together.

At CIF, so much of what we do centers on relationships. Yes, there are dollars and buildings, investments and church organization and planning aspects. But all of this centers around our mission of providing faith-based financial solutions that serve Kingdom expansion.

Every church has needs and wants. Which are best to wait for and which are the most pressing? Are there space constraints for children’s ministry or youth? Is the space as secure as it could be and a reassurance to parents? How about the restrooms? Are there often lines of people waiting? Is there space to gather for fellowship?

Thinking about these and related things is what we might call a needs assessment. It is the step before a church looks at what projects might cost, budgets and how people can play a part in supporting the work with their time and treasure.

Our team is pleased to be of service in this way – and can share what might be possible based on each church’s individual situation. We love running numbers and helping congregations to better plan for what is needed.

CIF serves churches and related ministries exclusively, so we can humbly say that we understand them well and look out for their best interests.

I am thankful for the privilege to lead such an organization, and that we can truly make a difference for God’s Kingdom across the country.

Scott Achterling
President and CEO

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