4 Tips to Help You Navigate a Church Revitalization Campaign

Posted by: Scott Noble
Here are four tips to help you navigate the church revitalization process.
Post Date: 5/23/2017 Campaigns and Consulting, News

Savings Tips for Different Life Stages

Posted by: Steve Johnson
Regardless of your life stage, here are a few saving/investment strategies to consider as you move from one stage to the next.
Post Date: 5/17/2017 Investments, News, Stewardship and Generosity

Is There Such a Thing as ‘Christian Investing’?

Posted by: Barry Case and Scott Noble
When we invest, we want to see a return, but we also want to know that we are investing in things that improve lives and make our world better.
Post Date: 5/10/2017 Investments, News

4 Ways to Know if Now Is the Time to Expand Your Church Facility

Posted by: David Viland
Knowing when and how to expand your church facility are two critical decisions in the life of your church. Expanding for the wrong reasons or doing so with a half-hearted plan can leave a long-lasting and negative impact, or limit your church’s ministry potential.
Post Date: 5/03/2017 Campaigns and Consulting, News

Are You Kingdom-focused?

Posted by: Scott Noble
Without a Kingdom focus, our lives can easily become adrift—having goals and dreams that will inevitably leave us feeling empty and void of a larger purpose.
Post Date: 4/26/2017 News, Stewardship and Generosity

Tips for Buying a New(er) Car

Posted by: Barry Case and Scott Noble
It’s a question that all of us struggle to answer at some point: Am I ready to buy a new(er) car?
Post Date: 4/19/2017 Investments, News

Easter As ...

Posted by: Scott Noble
Easter means many things, but here are three specific life-changing ideas we can embrace this week and throughout the year.
Post Date: 4/11/2017 News, Stories

4 Roadblocks to Church Expansion—and How to Overcome Them

Posted by: Scott Noble
To ensure your church expansion project has the best chance of success, consider these potential roadblocks before you take that first step.
Post Date: 4/05/2017 Campaigns and Consulting, News, Stewardship and Generosity

4 Biblical Principles for Raising Money for Ministry

Posted by: Scott Noble
Here are four biblical principles—based on 1 Chronicles 28-29 when David raised resources for the temple—that can help your church reach its campaign goals.
Post Date: 3/30/2017 Campaigns and Consulting, News, Stewardship and Generosity

5 Things to Consider for Your Next Church Loan

Posted by: Scott Noble
If you’re looking for a partner that understands your vision, is excited to come alongside you and can help provide the financial resources you need to make it happen, consider CIF Loans.
Post Date: 3/22/2017 Loans, News