4 Biblical Principles for Raising Money for Ministry

Posted by: Scott Noble
Here are four biblical principles—based on 1 Chronicles 28-29 when David raised resources for the temple—that can help your church reach its campaign goals.
Post Date: 3/30/2017 Campaigns and Consulting, News, Stewardship and Generosity

5 Things to Consider for Your Next Church Loan

Posted by: Scott Noble
If you’re looking for a partner that understands your vision, is excited to come alongside you and can help provide the financial resources you need to make it happen, consider CIF Loans.
Post Date: 3/22/2017 Loans, News

Let Me Tell You a Story

Posted by: Scott Noble
Here are three examples of how you can incorporate the power of story into your life.
Post Date: 3/15/2017 Stories

4 Strategies to Help You Disconnect—and Reconnect

Posted by: Scott Noble
Here are four ways we can disconnect and then reconnect with our media-rich world in ways that are healthy—or at least healthier than before.
Post Date: 3/08/2017 News, Stewardship and Generosity, Stories

4 Tips to Help Reduce Financial Stress

Posted by: Barry Case
Financial concerns or challenges affect just about everyone at some point. Here are some ways to help reduce financial stress and live with more financial freedom.
Post Date: 2/23/2017 Investments, News, Stewardship and Generosity

3 Tips for Reaching the ‘Nones’

Posted by: Scott Noble
The Church has a big responsibility in how it interacts with those who characterize themselves as "nones." By addressing their concerns and acting with the love of Jesus, the Church can play an important role in helping them find a home. Here are a few examples.
Post Date: 2/16/2017 Campaigns and Consulting, News, Stewardship and Generosity

Is Your Church Ready for a Loan?

Posted by: Scott Noble
Your church is ready for that expansion project, that long-awaited renovation or even that new facility. The decisions have been made, and you’re ready to move forward. Do you go the commercial bank route, or do you finance your project with CIF, with nearly 60 years of helping churches reach their Kingdom potential?
Post Date: 2/08/2017 Loans, News

Living Generously

Posted by: Scott Noble
Generosity incorporates not only being self-sacrificial with our finances, but also with our time, energy and relationships. As we think about growing closer to Christ, here are three ways we can live more generously:
Post Date: 2/03/2017 Campaigns and Consulting, News, Stewardship and Generosity

Is Reading the Bible Important to Your Church’s Future?

Posted by: Scott Noble
At its core, Scripture reading is a key way for us to deepen our relationship with God. Here are four reasons why the church should commit to Scripture reading as a corporate body.
Post Date: 1/26/2017 Campaigns and Consulting, News, Stories

Embracing Humility in an Age of Boasting

Posted by: Scott Noble
Humility is something we aspire to create and reflect in our lives. Jesus not only taught us about humility, but His example is still powerful 2,000 years later.
Post Date: 1/19/2017 News, Stewardship and Generosity