Historical Highlights of Christian Investors Financial


Christian Investors Financial celebrates 55 years of ministry by launching a new look and website. Total assets are just over $177 million.


Christian Investors Foundation changes its name to Christian Investors Financial with the goal of better conveying the ministry’s heart and services.


CIF celebrates 50 years of ministry with the EFCA!


CIF acquires Ministry Campaign Services (MCS) from the Ministry Advancement Department of the EFCA National Office. This acquisition positions both MCS and CIF to better serve the EFCA churches and ministries by offering campaigns and consulting services.

2003 – Present 

Paul Anderson serves as President.  Paul reminds everyone: “We stand on the shoulders of all the great work that was done before us,” giving credit to the godly men and women that have served CIF throughout its history. As Paul began his service with CIF, total assets are just under $100 million.

1992 – 2003 

Harland Anderson joins CIF as the Secretary-Treasurer. The role is soon renamed President because of organizational growth which led to additional role responsibilities. Mr. Anderson speaks fondly of his earlier years with CIF. “About ’95, the organization really went through a culture of change and we began to stand on our own,” shares Mr. Anderson. He goes on to describe the staff members that God provided with the skills, heart and experience that was needed to adapt to the growth, challenges and opportunities ahead.  In addition, CIF first implements software designed for financial institutions, which enables serving customers with greater efficiency. Under Harland’s leadership, CIF’s total assets grew from around $60 million to nearly $100 million, and net assets increased from under $2 million to over $11 million.

1979 – 1992 

Stanley Olson serves as Secretary-Treasurer.  Mr. Olson comments, “I saw [Christian Investors] grow from where the job was very, very part time to where it wasn’t part time at all.” Under Stanley’s leadership, CIF grew from around $3 million in total assets to approximately $60 million.

1972 – 1979 

Herbert Nordin serves as Secretary-Treasurer and operates CIF from his kitchen table.  Investors and church borrowers fondly recall meetings over coffee with files spread across the table. 

1959 – 1972 

Paul Carlson serves as CIF’s first Manager and Secretary-Treasurer. The initial CIF investment is $10,000 for a Christian nonprofit organization in Nebraska, which is owned and operated by the EFCA Midwest District.

April 30, 1959

Christian Investors Foundation (CIF) is incorporated in the state of Minnesota.

June 20, 1958

Investment Foundation is named Christian Investors Foundation and Mr. Paul Carlson is offered the Manager of the Foundation position, effective when the foundation is incorporated.

March 3, 1958

EFCA Board of Trustees begins the formal process of organizing an agency to fund loans to EFCA churches and ministries.

December 11, 1957

EFCA Board of Trustees receives a proposal from the Great Lakes District for the formation of a national church lending agency.