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Christ Community Church

For the first 14 years of its existence, Christ Community Church met in a local high school.

Service: New Building Loan

For the first 14 years of its existence, Christ Community Church met in a local high school. The continued set up and tear down each week took a lot of work and was hard on its equipment, so the rural Illinois church decided to find a permanent facility.

Initially, Christ Community worked with CIF to raise money for its permanent home through a capital campaign. The campaign was successful, but the church still needed to secure a loan to complete its project.

“We were grateful for the guidance and professionalism of CIF, who helped us secure an effective and prudent loan for our church,” said Senior Pastor Zach Grell.

With a strong campaign and an appropriate loan, Christ Community moved into its new facility in November of 2017.

Since moving in, “We have already experienced an uptick in attendance and have had many guests worship with us,” Grell continued. “It has also been a great blessing for Bible studies, meetings, youth group and AWANA.”

The Gospel is continuing to be preached and demonstrated, and Christ Community Church now has a permanent facility from which to launch efforts.

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