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Communication is as much about ‘doing’ as it is ‘saying’

I love working with churches. I really do. There are so many genuine and authentic people to meet, people serving the Lord with fervor and showing compassion to those around them.

Their stories are important to me, just as I tell CIF’s story and share our experiences. Isn’t it interesting how we each can quickly get a sense of the person we are talking to by spending a few minutes together?

Not long ago, we might have called this being a “good judge of character.” It is a skill that is developed over time. Not all communication is done through words, such as in emails and texts. We earn the right to communicate by being consistent, matching our words with our actions.

A driving example

It’s a bit like watching someone driving on the road who has their turn signal on. Was it left on from a previous turn, or are they really turning onto the upcoming street in moments? When those front wheels change angle and the turn begins, their communication is now backed by action. The next time I see that car with a signal on to turn, I’ll be more apt to believe it.

Defensive driving and financial services may be miles apart but the importance of doing what we say is much the same. We strive for consistency, candor and transparency in our actions.

CIF’s skilled and talented underwriting team’s job is to get a clear picture of a church loan applicant’s actual financial situation and whether or not the project they are embarking on is feasible at this time. They then share our findings with the church to advise them on next steps. In doing this, we prioritize the financial health of the ministry and the long-standing stability of our nonprofit organization.

Next to our Christian emphasis, our nonprofit status is perhaps one of the best things about CIF. There would be no reason to ever harm a church to gain a benefit for ourselves because we are missionally-based and aligned. We solely exist to serve and achieve our servant-minded mission, not to earn profits that benefit shareholders.

Our track record of service is our turn signal of sorts, an evidence that we will follow up our words with action. That is our story, and we look forward to hearing yours!

Some 65 years ago, a group of church leaders were finalizing plans for a new and essential organization to assist churches with financing for properties. Times have changed a lot since then, but the need for CIF remains the same.

We are here to see churches and ministries thrive. Come experience first-hand how our financial services are on a mission!

Scott Achterling
President and CEO

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