Easier to use, enhanced CIF website unveiled

A more functional and inviting CIF website was rolled out this month with integrated videos, stories of ministry expansion and an all-new section about what sets CIF apart in the marketplace, The CIF Difference.

“We are thrilled and thankful to the Lord to be able to unveil the new site as we approach 65 years of service in 2024,” said President and CEO Scott Achterling. “The user experience is greatly improved, and the new format will help us to better serve prospective and existing customers.”

The work is the result of a thorough process to present CIF with greater clarity, and better communicate its mission and values. Diligent content analysis, testing and functionality were at the forefront of this effort.

Achterling said the paths to channel church and individual investors, as well as church loan and consulting contacts to the right specialist at CIF are a key feature. “We’re enhancing the ‘white glove’ service that has been a part of our DNA since the start.”

CIF empowers and partners with individuals and churches to grow their finances through impactful investments, and helps churches with flexible lending solutions to better engage their communities through the use of properties and facilities.

Staff members also consult with churches and related ministries to help them conduct capital campaigns and improve the organizational and planning aspects of their operations.

“As a distinct nonprofit financial institution, we are uniquely qualified for the task at hand,” said Achterling. “Providing faith-based financial solutions that serve Kingdom expansion.”

CIF partnered with an outside firm to carefully craft the new website to meet specific requirements. The site is an essential tool to communicate CIF’s unmatched expertise in its field.

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