Church Loans

Tackling church projects in phases

The ongoing ministry health of a church is of utmost concern

Sometimes, the enormity of a church’s need or desire for improved facilities can stifle exploration options.

What would the project cost? Can we afford to purchase that building? What improvements would it need? Seemingly difficult questions can easily be put off until a later time.

These are often generational decisions, said CIF President and CEO Scott Achterling. Often the unfamiliar and unknown can become uncomfortable, but CIF exists to help with careful analysis to discover what is possible, the CEO explains.

“The ongoing ministry health of a church is of utmost concern to us, and that’s a large part of what makes us a preferred partner to so many,” Achterling said. “As we work through each loan request, we keep the full ministry picture in mind.”

Sometimes, the time just isn’t right and a church isn’t ready, and CIF provides counsel on how to prepare. Then a church comes back later for a loan to expand its ministry.

“A true financial partner will keep a church’s best interests in mind, and that’s where we excel,” the CEO said.

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