From the President

Staying connected, knowing, understanding

Some have said that much of what happens in life boils down to relationships and they are a two-way street. Both might sound like cliches, but I believe they are based on core truths and realities that directly impact how effective we can be in our endeavors.

The relationship doors swing heavily on communications, which is why we consider it a discipline or core value at CIF. When we work with church staff members and volunteers, the best results are achieved when the calls and emails are flowing, questions are being asked and solutions are found.

For Church Loans, there are many stages in the process which can take weeks. From our many decades of experience, we try to communicate clearly about expectations, how things typically go and possible roadblocks that can pop up.

Some of what happens occurs behind the scenes as we help churches with requirements and deadlines to keep a project or purchase moving. Our staff often ask the question, “What’s in the best interest of this church or ministry and how can we best serve them to move in that direction?”

I am excited to see these church stories being told because our investors, many of them churches, also need to hear how their dollars are being put to work. One of our recent messages and challenges to both current and prospective constituents was to make their money a missionary for God’s Kingdom work. That is what churches and individuals are doing at CIF, joining us in this calling to provide faith-based financial solutions that serve Kingdom expansion!

With quality communication comes greater understanding, connection and appreciation. It is a joy to serve in this way, and we hope that your involvement with CIF and its mission is both satisfying and missionally fulfilling. As one executive pastor who helped lead a church project said, “It’s more than just the rate, it’s everything else (that CIF does.)”

The third pillar or core service we offer is Consulting, which can involve capital campaigns for church projects and purchases. We bring a special approach to this work that is both God-honoring and effective. I love watching how teams at churches pull together entire congregations to turn their visions into reality.

I’d like to close with a quote from Simon Sinek – “A small team, committed to a cause bigger than themselves can achieve absolutely anything.”

We have seen churches through all seasons of life and ministry, and we want these ministries to continue and thrive.

Expanding the Kingdom together,

Scott Achterling
President and CEO

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